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A custom where you can get anything you wanted to for a substantially lower price, which we call the Black Friday, falls on 23rd of November. It’s but a month away, and we’re here to cast educated guesses and predictions regarding Black Friday Laptop Deals Predictions sales you should expect.

Most prominent leaders in the laptop industry offer discounts on their merchandise, so the least you should expect is saving up a couple hundred dollars. Black Friday is a perfect time to get a budget laptop or purchase that ultimate configuration you always dreamed of.

How we based our Black Friday 2018 Predictions

In truth, no one can say (with pinpoint accuracy) what models are going to appear on Black Friday sales. Even the brands adjust their strategies as they gather fresh info about their competitors, but there are ways to predict the discounts with certainty within the margins of statistical error.

We’ve run a quick analysis on the previous year sales of the biggest brands, took tech rumors for granted, and checked both fresh and stale tech reports in an account, so you can rest assured – our predictions don’t rely on lucky guesses, rather on empirical and statistical analysis.

Black Friday HP Laptops Deals Predictions

You don’t need to be an expert to predict HP will take the Black Friday’s spotlight by storm. Their laps are selling and their stocks emptying rapidly, and even so their sales are sticking out every year.

On last year’s sale, BGH offered HP’s Omen 17 for $979 (as opposed to usual $1099), Sam’s Club offered HP’s 17 HD for $549 and HP 15.6” Notebook for $449 while HP themselves have filled the stocks with three editions of Envy and two editions of Spectre at substantially lower rates.

Statistically, the price drops usually decline for approximately $100 or so, which led us to believe (and predict) that this year they’ll offer similar sales and discounts.

Razer Laptops Black Friday Deal Predictions

Razer is one of the prominent leaders in the laptop industry and they boast a broad assortment of boutique-level laptops. Knowing that most of their merchandise is more than plainly expensive, people usually rush over to their stands during Black Friday sales.

Last year their Blade Stealth, Blade, and Blade Pro were available at significantly lower prices, and it’s safe to say that their stocks ran dry in a blink of an eye. We hope that this year’s BF sale will include even more models from this brand, and predict that the discounts will be even more appealing than those of last year.

Dell Laptops Black Friday Deals Predictions 2018

Dell have put some serious discounts on their Latitude 3950, Inspiron, and Vostro, according to Some models promise significant drops in cost, such as Vostro and Inspiron, others are just a tad less expensive, but it’s safe to say that you’ll have plenty of options during the black Friday.

We expect to see dozens of Dell laptops on discounts, especially the G3 – this model was specifically made for gamers who are often low on cash. This will be a perfect opportunity to upgrade your “wooden PCs” as gaming community often slurs.

Last year, Dell offered a massive-scale sale on two premium-quality laptops – The Inspiron 17, 15, and 13. This leads us to the conclusion that they might offer a similar menu this year, with Latitude and Vostro taking the show alongside the older Inspiron models.

What’s more, Costco offered Dell’s XPS 15 and 13 at significantly reduced prices.

  • the XPS 13 used to cost around $1600 and its price was reduced to $1300,
  • the XPS 15 used to cost approximately $2300 and its price was lowered to mere $1800

Lenovo Laptops Black Friday Deals 2018

Business class gentlemen, if you wanted to treat yourself to a valuable, expensive laptop but didn’t have the opportunity so far, Lenovo’s Ideapad will most certainly be on this year’s Black Friday sale. Apart from that, we have reasons to believe that Flex 5 (being one of the strongest laps in Lenovo’s assortment) will receive a neat little discount as well.

The only Lenovo laptops on sale (as far as we gathered from “The Verge” report) was last year were the Lenovo Flex 5 in “Staples” which would’ve saved you some $150 and Yoga 710 at Best buy with a slightly bigger discount.

Lenovo always offers plain, non-substantial discounts on Black Friday sales, and in fact, last year they didn’t have such a huge impact with their oldest Ideapad versions. We believe that they’ll compensate for last year’s moderate success by discounting more models, or by providing better deals altogether.


You always wanted that HP Envy but never had the cash for it? Your old gaming laptop can’t run the latest games? Well, November is your lucky month – this year’s Black Friday promises plenty of sales and discounts, and laptops that otherwise seemed too expensive will be more than affordable this time around.

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