Good desktop computers are usually expensive, especially those specifically tailored for gaming which often cost an arm and a leg. Most people wait special events when their desired configuration will be available at a lower price and, luckily, Black Friday is one of those days when miracles such as that do happen.

We’re here to recommend you several online places you should look up on Black Friday and we offer predictions about models and configurations of desktop computers which will, hopefully, get a discounted price, so let’s start.

Origin Black Friday Desktop Computer deals

We’re usually opening up our predictions with Amazon deals, but this time we’ve decided that Origin deserves the prime spot.

Microsoft First of all, this online PC marketplace is like no other when it comes to pc configurations on sale – they’ve already started with some major discounts, and even offer free tech pieces (such as SSD drives, graphic cards, and even pc games).

We predict that you’ll be able to choose between Chronos, Neuron, Millennium, and Genesis pre-assembled configurations, and as for the hardware, Ryzen and Intel will most likely make the spotlight if you’re looking for upgrades.

The best thing about Origin’s Black Friday deals is that they offer both gaming and professional configurations, but they’ve spiced things up even more by adding Amazon coupons for the lucky few. Overall, this is a wonderful place to shop while you’re on a budget.

Best Buy Black Friday Desktop Computer deals

Best Buy will, if our predictions are correct, make a huge bang on this year’s Black Friday event. Namely, they’ve already put more than thousand desktop computers on sale, and we think that they’re going to handpick a few dozen of them for the event.

Best Buy Co, Inc.

The brands that will make their appearance on Best Buy’s Black Friday include Lexmark, LG, Logitech, Magix, Kodak, StarTech, Corsair, CTA, Corel, Buffalo, Modal, MSI, Toshiba, and many more. Among the pre-assembled big hitters we should include Cybertonic’s CLX Desktop PC, IBuyPower’s Element Desktop PC, Dell’s OptiPlex, and Acer’s Aspire Desktop PC.

It’s a safe bet that IBuyPower’s and Cybertonic’s models will be the most heavily accentuated models on sale, so if you’re a fan of either brand, make sure to come to Best Buy on the day of the event.

Amazon Black Friday Desktop Computer deals

Amazon blew off all the competition in 2017, but we predict that the show will be pretty tight this time around. Best Buy, Origin, and IBuyPower have all stepped up their game in the course of the last several seasons, so we can only assume that the folks at Amazon intend to do something drastic for this year’s Black Friday.

Pre-assembled desktop computers will be in abundance, that much is certain, and as for the brands you should expect, keep an eye out for HP, Dell, Acer, Cyberpower, Lenovo, and IBuyPower models.

Amazon’s deals are best followed up with coupons – many other marketplaces will give you these if you make a purchase there, so it would be the best idea to shop elsewhere before coming to Amazon (that’s why we’ve listed them on the third place).

The best thing about Desktop Computer deals on Amazon is not that they come with coupon discounts – most models will get majorly discounted by registered sellers as well.

Furthermore, Amazon has its own brand for electronics which will, undoubtedly, make an appearance on the Black Friday as well. Just make sure to stock up on coupons, as virtually all online marketplaces will be giving them out on the day of the event.

IBuyPower Black Friday Desktop Computer deals

We’ve already mentioned IBuyPower’s models will be available at several online marketplaces, but if you intend to purchase their own merchandise, there isn’t a better spot than going directly to the source. Basically, IBuyPower is a huge brand that mainly dabbles with electronics, PC’s and laptops specifically.

They’ve branched out and offered their products on sale to different online marketplaces (such as Amazon, Best Buy, and such), but if you hoped of getting the best for the buck deal, you’ll be able to save up to 40% on their own website, and that’s putting it mildly.

Among the most obvious pre-assembled desktop computer predictions, we state IBuyPower’s Intel Z370 8086K, the Exclusive Photios Prime, 2nd Gen Ryzen 5, the Exclusive Element Pro, and the Exclusive Cyclon Pro.

Of course, a brand as big as this will undoubtedly come up with even better ways to make an entrance on the big day, but so far you can rest assured that these configurations are coming on sale.

There’s a neat little feature on their online platform you can use to customize their pre-assembled configuration – just click the “customize” option and you can change several (if not all) hardware pieces.