You can never truly be satisfied with your TV. The moment you get that big-screen model you’ve been saving up for months, a smarter, larger one appears. With the technology advancing at such a rapid rate, constantly saving up for an upgrade might not be the smartest idea moneywise.

That’s why we’re here today – we intend to share our predictions for the best deals on TVs, Smart TVs, and curved TVs, so without any further ado, let’s get straight to it.

TV’s on sale last year – Black Friday 2017

Before we jump to any conclusions and predictions, it would be wise to take a step back. What were the models that took the spotlight during the last year’s Black Friday sale? Even though there were plenty of big hitters, let’s discuss one from each industrial leader.

Sony’s Bravia was the prime target at Curry’s, costing approximately $100 less than usual. It’s a big 40-inch Smart TV which is certainly worth every buck. Bush’s 32-inch HD TV was among the best TVs on sale in Argos while Toshiba’s HD 55-inch Smart TV made John Lewis as popular as ever, costing approximately $170 less than usual.

Amazon’s Android TV Black Friday sale predictions

Being one of the biggest names on the Internet isn’t a small feat, and Amazon did it – they’re the biggest online marketplace ever, and they’ve earned their fame through exceptionally appealing deals and, of course, decades of successful Black Friday event hosting.

So far there hasn’t been a word about which models are going to suffer a discount, but our best bet is Sony’s Bravia KDL32WE513BU which is already some $300 cheaper. On top of that, Hisense H50A6200UK is not expensive already, and being one of the newest models it’s bound to be on sale on this year’s Black Friday.

All in all, you can’t make a mistake if you check up on Amazon this November – they bring plenty of pleasant surprises each year, and we can assure you that this one won’t be an exception.

Best Buy Black Friday TV Deals

Argos TV Black Friday sale predictions

Argos has a lot of premium-quality TVs in their stock – we expect to find plenty of Panasonic, Sony, Hitachi, and LG models on this year’s Black Friday sale, but look out for Samsung TV deals – the majority of TVs Argos has to offer comes from Samsung, so we can safely predict that their models will be the first ones to suffer a major discount.

Toshiba, Philips, Alba, and Hisense will also make an appearance, but don’t expect too much, as Argos is currently low on stock when it comes to these models.

AO Curved TV Black Friday sale predictions

If you’re in market for curved TVs, AO is the place you should visit first. Even though they only have but a few dozen of curved TV models, we predict that they’ll expand the list come Black Friday sale. On the downside, only Samsung models are available at the moment, but let’s face it – these guys make some of the finest TVs ever, so it’s not a big deal actually.

On the plus side, AO offers free deliveries and the “price match promise”, so you know you can rely on them if you intend to shop your curved TV online. The discounts won’t be too drastic, but they will be appealing, to say the least – in all truth, not many places offer sales on curved TVs,

John Lewis Curved TV Black Friday sale predictions

Now, John Lewis is a huge name in numerous industrial spheres – electronics, furniture, gardening, you name it. Even so, their assortment of curved TVs isn’t living up to their name at the time being – they only have six curved-design TVs, and we predict that the number won’t get drastically higher by the time November comes.

Even so, they will offer some of the most exquisite models on the market, such as AVF’s Affinity 1150 stand (TV accessory, not an actual TV), and Samsung’s QE55Q8CN – these are also among the newest models, some of which are bound to be discounted during the Black Friday sale.

Curry’s PC World Android TV Black Friday sale predictions

Curry’s offer cheap deals quite often, but what made them big are the Black Friday sales – they haven’t missed one in years, and they’ve made millions of people satisfied, so we encourage you to check them out this year if you didn’t yet.

They’ve put up some models on a preliminary list of discounted Android TV sales already, such is the case with Samsung’s 49-inch Smart 4K TV (which costs approximately $650 less now). What’s more, Sony’s Bravia KD65A1 will only cost half the price.

We predict that Curry’s going to be massive this year, so if you’re looking for cheap curved TVs, start your search here.