There’s a lot going on in the Bluetooth speaker industry, with new models from Bang & Olufsen, Kyzen and Tangent coming to us this fall, but what will really pump you up if you’re a tech enthusiast is the Black Friday event – a time when you can get premium-quality electronics at a bargain price.

We’ve spent some time analyzing past BF events, and we’ve come to the conclusion that this is the year when most, if not all, high-end brands offer remarkably attractive deals on Bluetooth Speakers. Here are some places you definitely need to visit:

Amazon Black Friday Bluetooth Speaker Deals

If you’re looking for good deals, Amazon’s the first place you want to check out. It’s a huge online market where everything’s possible – you’ll find the newest releases here first, some of the cheapest, as well as some obscure models you were looking for desperately elsewhere.

The first thing we are going to predict is that JBL’s Xtreme Portable Wireless Bluetooth speaker will be available at a substantially lower price. It’s an awesome, neat-looking speaker which boasts excellent performance, and it could be yours for under $200 this time around.

Bose’s SoundLink is a notable mention – Bose is one of the world-class leaders in this sphere, and they’ve apparently decided to make a big entrance with one of their top models.

Other speakers you could hope of finding on Black Friday are

All things considered, Amazon will showcase a plethora of quality speakers this year, all available at very approachable prices.

Fun Run Black Friday Bluetooth Speaker Deals

Though not as famous as Amazon per se, Fun Run offers, well, plenty of fun while saving you the hard earned cash while you’re at it.

This year their Black Friday stocks will be comprised of numerous high-quality Bluetooth speakers from JBL, Altec, UE, Bose, and other notable tech makers.

If our predictions are correct, you can sport a JBL Charge 3, JBL’s Flip 4, Clip 2, Altec’s Mini H20, UE’s Boom 2, and Bose’s Sound Link. The selection of goods they’ll offer is a bit different from Amazon’s, but the most important similarity is that the models which are to be showcased come from relatively same brands – all of which are leaders in the industry.
What’s great about Fun Run is that they offer free shipping for most of their deals. What’s more, the delivery times are at an all time low during the Black Friday event.

In conclusion, even though Fun Run doesn’t have the fame of Amazon, it wouldn’t hurt to check out their catalogue during the event – we guarantee that it will be worth your while.

Best Buy Black Friday Bluetooth Speaker Deals

Many people consider Best Buy as Amazon’s counterweight. Whenever one offers a sweet deal on one product, the other puts a similar model from the same series on sale (usually the upgraded version). We expect the competition between these two giants to be huge this year as well, which will, in turn, bring us some sweet deals on Black Friday’s Bluetooth sale.

The only bad thing about Best Buy’s catalogue is that its online platform isn’t as user friendly as Amazon’s. On the upside, there will be a plethora of awesome speakers to be had at a bargain price from Insignia, Beats, Altec Lansing, Sony, JBL, Bose, and Sony.

Our predictions indicate that UE’s Megaboom and Bose’s SoundTouch will take the spotlight this year. Of course, there will be many other discounted speakers during the Black Friday sale, but these two haven’t “suffered” a sale for quite some time, and most other online marketplaces intend to include them on the day of the event.

Argos Black Friday Bluetooth Speaker Deals

If you are really, really down on cash, Argos is the place to be. Just like Amazon, Best Buy, and Fun Run, this is an online marketplace where you can order high-quality tech pieces for a low price. In fact, this place seems to be even less expensive than the former three. The catch is, the selection of their goods is quite humble.

The records of Argos Black Friday deals in the past are pretty scarce, but we expect that they’re going to follow up on the trend just like the rest of the world with Red5’s Hex Aqua, Jivo’s Infinity Pulse, UE’s Boom 2, LG’s PK3 XBOOM, and other famous (and not-so-famous) models.

The punchline is – this is a very, very inexpensive place where you can shop quality Bluetooth speakers. Some of them even boast water-resistant and portable qualities, so when the day of Black Friday comes, don’t just sit around browning through Amazon and Best Buy wares – pay Argos a visit too.