A foreword about Beginner FPV Drones

Drones are incredibly fun to play with, but most people still perceive them as toys. Of course, there are models that are best suited for kids, but did you know that there are professional and advanced level drones?

Race drones are a thing, and the trend’s catching on pretty quick – the only reason why we’re telling you this is to help you understand that not all drones are so easy to use. That’s why we’re here to talk about Best FPV Drones for beginners.

Best FPV Racing Drone Buying Guide

>> things to consider before you buy your beginner FPV racing drone

There are several things you should consider when buying a beginner FPV drone, including the price, beginner-friendly features, and battery lifespan.


Price is the first thing that can tell you if a drone is beginner-friendly or advanced. It’s quite obvious, given that cheap drones are either best suited for newcomers to this hobby, or simply lack in quality.

If you are looking for Drones under $200, check this article.

On the other hand, you might not like your first drone, as you’re yet to learn how to operate and pilot them. That’s why it’s best to find a low or moderately priced drone which will help you learn to use them.

Beginner-friendly features

Beginner-friendly features are usually mixed with versatility. Versatile drones allow you to use your drone in numerous ways, but that’s not necessarily beginner-friendly, although the opposite situation is different.

We recommend that you find a drone that features at least several modes of operation. Most brands make their drones so that at least one mode is suited for beginners, such as headless flight, one-button take-off, GPS-assisted flight, or such.

Battery lifespan

Most drones can only fly for several minutes, half-an-hour tops.

Every beginning is beautiful, and there’s only one way that’s sure to ruin your fun – low battery warning.

The reason for that is the battery – lightweight batteries are usually weak, but that’s necessary, as heavy drones would have trouble taking off, let alone flying.

Best FPV Drone for Beginner Reviews

8Parrot Mambo FPV – Complete Starter Pack for Drone Racing

Let’s open up our review of the best FPV drone for beginners with Parrot’s Mambo drone. It’s pretty basic, and the controls are quite straightforward, which is one of the main reasons that drove us to make it one of our top picks.

First of all, there are three style options at your disposal regarding the “Mambo” series – the FPV drone, Mambo Fly, and Mambo Mission. Since we’re talking about FPV drones, we’re only going to talk about the first option.

The control pad is basically an easy to use joystick – if you’ve ever played Sony PlayStation on analog options, you’re most likely to be familiar with how it works. What’s more, you’ll be able to use the FreeFlight mini application which will further expand and improve your drone flight experience.

One of the best additions on Parrot’s Mambo is the Cockpit Glasses set – these VR glasses will allow you to virtually pilot your Mambo drone, taking the skies as if you’re a pro. Overall, this drone is pretty cheap (although there are significantly less expensive models), and it’s absolutely perfect for beginners.

  • Easy to pilot
  • Cockpit FPV glasses included
  • The controller is designed in a plain fashion
  • Free-Flight application
  • Quite affordable
  • Possible WiFi issues, but solvable by a long shot

7REDPAWZ R011 5.8G 40CH Micro FPV Racing Drone

Next up is RedpawzRO11 FPV drone – it looks quite fancy and wild, it’s easy to use it, and it’s practically perfect for people who’re new to first-person-view drones. There are plenty of things that make it one of the best FPV drone for a beginner, but we’ll only point out the most notable ones.

The RO11 simply excels in aesthetics like no other drone – it features an edgy, modern look and it conquers the skies with attitude. However, that’s just the start.

We’re basically looking at a beginner package which features a mini FPV racing drone, a remote controller, and a set of FPV drone goggles. It’s safe to say that if you never used a drone before, you’ll be amazed, to say the least, with what this 3-in-1 package can offer you.

The controller is pretty neat, but a bit bulky when compared to those most beginner FPV drones are supplied with. Even though the steering functions are plain, there’s a lot of buttons which might require some getting used to.

Make use of the several drone modes to make your experience exquisite, including the headless mode, the one-key return, “barrel roll” (360-degree roll), three speeds, and more. Overall, this is a beautiful, cheap drone which is most certainly valuable for the buck.

  • Looks amazing and exquisite
  • Multiple modes of operation
  • Exceptional accuracy and reliable tracking features
  • Very affordable
  • The controller is a bit too large
  • Plethora of functions, so you might need some time to adjust to them

6Parrot Bebop 2 FPV Drone

We’ve seen what Parrot’s Mambo can do, and now it’s time to see how Bebop 2 performs. Even though it comes from the same brand as Mambo, Bebop 2 looks nothing like it, and the same goes for the controller.

It’s safe to say that this particular drone is an improvement of Parrot’s earlier FPV drones, as it looks a bit more serious. The controller is still quite easy to use, although it looks more modern and fashionable.

Some of the main benefits of Bebop 2 include the lightweight construction (it weighs only 1.1 pounds), the videos and pictures it takes all excel in quality, the piloting and steering functions are precise and accurate, and the battery lifespans for 25 minutes. The only bad thing is that it costs quite a lot, but it does a major bang for the buck.

  • One of the best FPV drones for beginners
  • Lightweight constructions
  • 1080p videos and 14-megapixel photos
  • Accurate and precise steering and piloting
  • Breathtaking aesthetics
  • Costs a bit more than an average FPV drone for beginners

5Sky Viper v2450FPV Streaming Drone with Fpv Goggles

Sky Viper’s V2450 FPV drone might appear a bit “thinner” than some drones we’ve seen so far, but rest assured, it’s as good as they make them.

This neat little drone is awesome for beginners as it features a compact, lightweight design, and, to top it all, it comes outfitted with a superb controller that’s exquisitely easy to use. There are just a couple of oversized buttons which won’t be too hard for you to understand.

What’s more, there are two modes of operation for you to choose from – the auto-launch further simplifies how this drone works, and it’s very easy to take it down with the one-button land feature.

If you feel like your wallet could use some loosening, you could purchase a Micro SD card for direct video recordings, but the thing that makes this drone so good for beginners is that it comes shamefully cheap.

  • Among the cheapest FPV drones for beginners
  • Lightweight compact design
  • Exceptionally easy to use
  • Oversized thumbsticks for easier piloting
  • No FPV goggles or additional accessories

Best FPV Drone kit with Goggles

4Bolt Drone FPV Racing Drone Carbon Fiber with First Person View Goggles

Bolt Drones might not be as famous as Holy Stone models, but you’ll see soon enough why they hold such a huge value for the cash.

This particular model features three modes of operation, all of which are incredibly easy to master.

The onboard camera shoots pics and vids in high-quality, and the entire construction is pretty durable, given that it’s made of superbly firm carbon fiber materials.

The reason why Bolt Drone is so good for beginners is that it comes laden with neat gratis features, including a set of goggles, a screen on top of the simplified controller, a pack of batteries, and other convenient little accessories.

  • Decently affordable, although not cheap
  • Lightweight, yet firm construction
  • Comes with a set of complementary features
  • High-quality onboard camera
  • Low video capture range
  • A bit slower than most FPV drones

3ARRIS X90 90MM Micro Brushless Drone FPV RC Racing Drone Quadcopter

Next up is ArrisX90 Micro FPV drone – even though it bears the attribute of “micro”, it’s somewhat larger than most “compact” drones in this review. The aforementioned attribute refers to the camera, which is surprisingly strong, even though it’s petite.

The “shop talk” might sound a bit confusing to you, so we’ll try to keep it as simple as possible – this drone features the latest firmware upgrades and supports multishot, Dshot, as well as one-shot.

It comes outfitted with a brushless motor that’s characterized with a high level of stability and strength, but what makes it so good is the 30C Lipo battery method of operation – it allows it to remain longer in the air, allowing you to enjoy your piloting for extended periods of time.

Lastly, Arris’ X90 FPV drone isn’t expensive, but it’s not too cheap either – it belongs to the medium bracket of the entry-level price point category, but holds a substantial value for the buck nevertheless.

  • High-quality onboard camera
  • Features updated firmware
  • Easy to control and pilot
  • Decently affordable
  • Brushless motor
  • Suitable for indoor flying, as well as outdoor piloting
  • Even though this drone is sturdy overall, certain parts are quite flimsy

2Holy Stone GPS FPV RC Drone HS100

It’s pretty hard to imagine a review of the best fpv drones without mentioning Holy Stone’s models. If you’re asking why we’ve put it near the bottom of the list, the answer is pretty simple – you can say that we’ve saved the best for the last.

At first sight, this is a large FPV drone which looks very serious and modern. Don’t let that dissuade you, as it’s perfect for beginners – it features a superbly simple controller joystick with a smartphone handle where you could attach your phone and observe the FPV action via a neat little drone app.

The reason why this drone is so good for beginners is that it supports GPS-assisted flight – it doesn’t matter if you can’t handle your drone from the very start, as this little feature will help you learn the ropes.

Furthermore, this drone features a convenient 720p Wi-Fi camera onboard with an adjustable angle. It is quite small, but very powerful and reliable nevertheless. The only problem is that Holy Stone drones usually cost top dollar, and this one’s not an exception. Anyhow, it’s most certainly one of the best FPV Drone for beginners.

  • Huge value for the buck
  • Versatile built-in camera
  • GPS-assisted flight and Follow-Me mode
  • Outstanding picture and video quality
  • Remarkably easy to use
  • Costs top dollar
  • Low flight time (15 mins)

1DROCON U31W Navigator FPV Drone for Beginners

The last FPV drone for beginners in our review comes from Drocon and bears the title U31W Navigator. It comes with a 2MP Wi-Fi camera which is capable of providing real-time footage directly to the smartphone.

Make use of the advanced-hold setting to take selfies or simply keep the drone stable mid-air. The altitude-hold mode is best suited for beginners or kids, as it specifies the altitude parameters below (and beyond) which the drone won’t go.

The one-key take-off and landing further simplify the method of operation of this drone, but there’s more – the headless mode makes it suitable for people who never even heard of drones, as this mode, practically, defies certain laws of physics, making the piloting process as easy as riding a bike.

  • Numerous beginner-friendly modes and features
  • 2MP Wi-Fi camera for live-feed
  • Altitude-hold and advanced-hold for additional versatility
  • Exceptionally cheap
  • Quite flimsy


There’s a bunch of drones on the market, and it’s easy to notice that this trend is relatively new, hence there are few brands you can trust. Since you’re a complete beginner, picking your first drone could be easy – just follow our buying guide and sift through our top picks.

If you need any help, simply use our recommendations and implement them when performing a search on your own. Let us know in comment whats your pick and your thoughts.