Regardless of whether you want a drone to have some fun or use it to snipe professional photos, most of the world regard these beautiful flying metal contraptions as a hobby, and an expensive one for that matter.

If you’ve always wanted to get one but never felt like you had enough money to chip in, now’s the time – Black Friday sales on drones are a thing, and we’re here to predict which online marketplaces and brands will offer the biggest discounts.

DJI Black Friday Drone sales

DJI is definitely the world-class leader when it comes to drone sales (both consumer grade and professional), so it’s only obvious that we want to start our predictions with them. This place offers the best drones for the buck, and the Black Friday is only a reason more to visit them.

Based on their Black Friday Drone Deals Promotion announcement, we can safely predict all kinds of goodies to come our way this November.

Certain models, such as Spark, Spark Fly More Combo, Mavic Pro, Mavic Pro Fly More Combo, Phantom 4 (original, Advanced, and Pro), DJI Goggles, Osmo Mobile, and Osmo  will be seriously discounted, and apart from that, some purchases will benefit you free batteries (such is the case with Phantom 4 Advanced and Pro, for example).

ImageTitleDeal ValueYou Save
DJI Mavic Pro Drone Quadcopter
Combo with 3 Batteries, 4K Professional Camera Gimbal Bundle Kit with Must Have Accessories

DJI Spark with Remote Control Combo

DJI Mavic Air Quadcopter with Remote Controller
DJI Phantom 4 PRO Professional Drone
Hobby RC Quadcopter & Multirotor

DJI Mavic 2 Zoom Drone Quadcopter
24-48mm Optical Zoom Camera Video UAV 12MP 1/2.3" CMOS Sensor (US Version)

Overall, we predict that by the time Black Friday comes they’ll discount even more models and put the prices down even further – preliminary Black Friday lists seldom survive until the end.

eBay Black Friday Drone sales

First of all, eBay always delivers on their promise of quality. This retail online marketplace should be the second place you’ll visit on Black Friday, as they boast Price Matching, they guarantee a fast delivery, and promise that there will be no blackout during the Black Friday event.

Even though the list of their drones on sale is bound to be smaller (and frankly, less appealing when compared to DJI), we hope to see Sparks, Mavics, and Phantoms on sale this year.

We recommend that you check eBay out mainly because of their price matching – they always adjust their prices in accord to those of their competitors, so you can rest assured that the price tags you see now will only get chewed down even more.

Macy’s Black Friday Drone sales

Now, Macy isn’t on the top of the food chain when it comes to drones, but we think that 2018 is here to change that, if by a bit. Last year they sold Protocol drones with a 60% discount, but the lack of diversity with products made the sale appear stale and blunt.

Nevertheless, we predict that they’ll make up for that mistake this year by adding more famous models to their stocks. If not that, they’ll certainly pinch the prices down even further – maybe it’s not too optimistic to hope for a few giveaways?

Check Macy’s out if you’re really low on cash, or if you never owned a drone and want to get one at a shamefully low price. If we’re lucky, we’ll see top models from Phantom this year, but our best bet lies with Spark drones.

Best Buy Black Friday Drone sales

If someone can top DJI’s drone sales and offers, it’s Best Buy. This online marketplace has a habit of going toe to toe with any competitor, even with the ones who actually made the products they’re re-selling. Their assortment of drones includes Camera Drones, Toy Drones, and Drone Accessories, but we predict that mostly camera drones will be on sale on this Black Friday.

Since DJI is the leader in this sphere, it’s only normal that the majority of models Best Buy has in their stocks comes from them – they’re currently offering 34 models from DJI, 6 from GoPro, 6 from Parrot, and dozens from other brands such as Ryze, Autel Robotics, Wingsland, and other.

Suffice to say, DJI already briefed us about their intentions for this year’s Black Friday, so we predict that Best Buy intends to level with them by putting their own models on sale – maybe they’re even collaborating, so we’ll see bargain-price drone models this time around in both places.

Walmart Black Friday Drone sales

Walmart seldom makes a big deal out of Black Friday sales when it comes to drones, and we suspect that this year won’t be any different. They’re putting up moderate sales on DJI drones annually, so we expect that they’ll do the same this time.

Even though they don’t (and, perhaps won’t) change the way they do things, this might be a good place to end your search, whereas we recommend starting out at DJI’s, then check Best Buy out, and make sure to not skip on Macy’s deals in the meantime. Walmart might just surprise us in the end, though.

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