If you are on the market looking for quality True Wireless earbuds while being on a cash-strapped budget, you may want to check out what EarFun Air True Wireless Airbuds has to offer you. They’re dirt-cheap, beautifully designed, and surprisingly great-sounding buds that are packed with state-of-the-art technologies and features, and we’re here to discuss all of this and more at length.

EarFun Air True Wireless Headphone
EarFun Air True Wireless Headphone: Box includes the Case, Earbuds, 3 extra pairs of tips, a USB 3.0 charging cable, and a user manual. Credit: ATechReview.com


Most people would assume that Air buds are flimsy and deprived of any significant features simply because they’re petite in size. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Basically, these buds sport selectable earbud modes (left, right, and both), exceptional quality of sound drivers, pristinely clear microphones, a powerhouse of a battery, two charging modes, and a one-touch button that controls most of these features.

Noise Canceling

Another important element of the Air earbuds’ design is solid passive sound isolation. Now, most people agree that active noise cancellation features are superior to their passive counterparts, but truth be told, these buds are remarkably well-built and offer a similar level of performance in this sphere.

The EarFun Air earbuds are designed to cut out ambient noises without stepping on the quality of sound. Furthermore, the lack of active sound cancellation features is pretty rewarding in terms of extra battery lifespan too.

On a side note, Air earbuds are also waterproof. They’re rated IPX7, which means that they are completely safe to use while swimming and they also boast the built-in proprietary Sweatshield technology, which preserves their key features even when drenched in sweat.

Design and durability

EarFun Air True Wireless Headphone
EarFun Air True Wireless Headphone

First of all, EarFun Air buds are petite, lightweight earbuds that are much sturdier than they appear. These buds are made of durable plastic and sport robust, interchangeable silicone tips.

Air buds are not just wireless earbuds, but True Wireless earbuds that run on Bluetooth version 5.0, which is incredibly reliable and stable.

You’ll hear an automated voice line every time the status of the buds change (online or connected), which simplifies things a great deal.


This is one of Earbud which owns the CES 2020 Innovation Award and iF Design Award 2020. Congratulations to them.


In terms of the quality of comfort, you should expect quite a lot from EarFun Air earbuds. The package features two complimentary tips and two pre-fitted tips, which rounds up to four in total. You won’t feel the buds themselves perhaps at all, mainly because they’re light as a feather.

Each bud weighs approximately 5.35 grams (roughly 0.188 ounces), so it might be smart to constantly remind yourself that you are wearing them until you get used to them.

EarFun Air Image Gallery

Credit: ATechReview.com


Sound quality

In comparison to boutique headphones and studio headgear, EearFun’s Air buds don’t seem all that interesting. However, knowing that these are budget earbuds, it is fairly safe to say that they sound absolutely bombastic for the price.

The built-in EQ and sound chip are both optimized to provide a well-rounded, balanced performance, and you’ll find that the bass is just about deep enough and the mids are present and even a bit emphasized perhaps.

Although Earfun Air earbuds generally sound amazing, they seem to struggle with higher frequency sounds a bit. Overall, the quality of sound these buds can provide is tremendous due to the excellent passive sound cancellation feature as well.

Microphone and calls

EarFun Air True Wireless Headphone
EarFun Air True Wireless Headphone

Knowing that the sound performance of Earfun’s Air true wireless earbuds is excellent, you can rest assured that you’ll always hear whoever’s on the other side with pristine clarity. However, most people wonder what they sound like, especially when using budget headphones and earbuds.

Another reason why these buds are so great for the money is the fact that they come supplied with four top-quality built-in microphones that completely ignore ambient sounds and noises. Highly intuitive one-touch controls allow you to engage and end calls, although the same button also governs your microphone and music player.

Battery quality and lifespan

Essentially, not many budget headphones (especially earbuds) are capable of boasting low charging times and high battery lifetime – one is usually sacrificed for the sake of the other. However, EarFun’s Air is one of the handfuls of exceptions.

These earbuds offer seven hours of battery life while they require only 1.5 hours to recharge their juices back to full. As a matter of fact, if you’re using the provided charging case, you will be able to ramp up the bat life up to 35 hours.


Earfun’s Air earbuds can be charged wirelessly or with a USB-C charger. As mentioned before, the batteries need approximately one and a half hours to charge back completely. However, you can also use the fast charging option, where 10 minutes of charging will yield you two hours of additional playtime.

Value: Price

Even though it’s true that EarFun Air True Wireless earbuds are not the cheapest model available, they’re definitely among the more affordable ones. They belong to the middle section of the budget price point category, and simply due to the fact that they’re packed with premium-quality features they are worth much more than their price tag indicates.

You can buy it from their own MyEarFun store.

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You’ll get a 30-day money-back guaranty and 18 Months Warranty.

Selectable earbud modes

This particular feature is interesting because it basically compensates for the lack of active noise cancellation technologies. You’ll be able to turn off and on individual buds, shut them down both, or power them up with a simple click. These selectable modes are particularly handy when you’re anticipating calls or when you’re commuting through heavy traffic.

Pros & Cons

 Pros Cons
  • Phenomenal sonic performance
  • Durable and highly comfortable to wear
  • One-touch button controls
  • Superb charging and battery lifetime
  • IPX7 Waterproof complemented with the proprietary Sweatshield technology
  • Available at a very attractive price
  • Selectable earbud modes
  • No dedicated controls for the music player
  • Slightly subpar performance when it comes to highs


EarFun Air True Wireless Earbuds offer reliable Bluetooth 5.0 connection, super-clear microphones, a virtually indestructible design, they’re waterproof, and their built-in battery is nearly thrice as strong in comparison to similarly priced models.

Although there are better-performing buds scattered across higher price ranges, EarFun’s true wireless earbuds are definitely well worth the buck, and then some.