Mpow H5 Over-ear Bluetooth Headphone
Mpow H5 Over-ear Bluetooth Headphone

Mpow H5 Over-ear Bluetooth Active Noise Canceling Headphone

If you’re on the market looking for quality headphones, you’re looking for Mpow H5.

The brand might not be as famous as Beats or Sennheiser, but it’s safe to say that this particular model is more than capable of dancing toe to toe with some of the finest headphones available for the money.

So, what should you expect from Mpow’s H5?

  • They’re beautiful,
  • great for both studio work and casual listening,
  • they don’t cost an arm and a leg

but they also have a couple of flaws which we will mention in the sections below. Without any further ado, let’s delve deeper into details.

Performance evaluation

In short lines, Mpow H5 review aims to deliver unbiased, objective information regarding these headphones’ sound quality, features, performance, and budget.

They sound expensive (even though they’re not), they’re very easy to use, but the mic could’ve been done a bit better. Their noise canceling feature is a great addition, although there’s some room for improvement in this aspect of performance.

Before going to more details on each section, have a look at the Mpow H5 Specs for a moment.

Mpow H5 Bluetooth Over-ear ANC Headphone Spec

Specification Data
Brand Mpow
Type Over-ear Closed-back Headphone
Driver 40mm
Mic Available.
Hands Free Can receive the call
Controls Full control. Volume control, ANC on/off
Noise Canceling Active Noise Canceling
Noise Cancelling Mic CVC 6.0 Mic
Adjustable Headband  Available
Foldable Earcup  Available
Playtime 30hrs after the full charge
Bluetooth Bluetooth 4.1
Battery 800mAh
Mpow H5 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones, Superior Deep Bass Bluetooth Headphones Over Ear, 30Hrs Playtime ANC Wireless Headphones with Mic, Soft Protein Earpads, for TV/PC/Cellphone/Travel/Work
Price: --
(As of: 2021/06/29 5:10 pm - Details
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Sound quality

Before we get all technical, let’s remind ourselves that H5 is a set of closed-back headphones. They’re suited for virtually all lines of studio work, although you’ll notice that their almost-neutral sound signature is perfect for casual listening as well.

Now, most people regard these headphones as ‘bass-heavy’ and ‘punchy’. The lowest frequency range of these headphones is consistent and clearly pronounced, but it’s actually the mid-range where they excel the most.

As for the highs, the treble is decent, although a bit more turbulent at the highest frequencies, which is perhaps the reason why they’re not so good for gaming.

Overall, the sound rating of Mpow’s H5 is 4/5. These headphones are obviously way above average in terms of sound quality, and the sheer fact that they could be used for all types of listening is truly something. Nevertheless, the high-frequency response could’ve been done a bit better.


For an underdog brand, Mpow packs quite a punch with the technologies they incorporated into the H5.

mpow h5headphone anc
Mpow H5 headphone ANC Button, Credit:

The first thing you’ll notice is their ANC tech – the active noise canceling which significantly reduces ambient noise on demand. Mpow uses CVC 6.0 Technology for its ANC feature. You can immerse yourself in your music listening experience if you want by leaving it out, or you can approach critical listening by turning it on.

Next up is the True-to-life Hi-Fi technology, referring to what we mentioned earlier – the ‘almost-neutral’ sound signature. Although it will work like a charm for people who want to rock out to their favorite tunes, the bass strength and volatility of treble can get a bit bothersome at times.

Mpow H5 Battery

One of the best features H5 packs is the integrated 800mAh battery. Namely, it is supposed to last some 30 hours, even if the Bluetooth mode is on. Speaking of which, these headphones are wireless, which is a big plus straight off the bat.

Adjustable fit

Mpow H5 Review Adjustable Cup. Credit:
Mpow H5 Review Adjustable Fit Cup. Credit:

The last big feature of Mpow’s H5 is the adjustable fit. Though the headband is rigid, you can adjust the cups and the angle as you see fit, ensuring customizable comfort at a whim. The bad thing, however, is that the cups are a bit oversized and have a high clamping pressure, which basically means that you’ll start experiencing some fatigue after hours of using them.

Now, the reason why onboard microphone is a ‘minor’ feature is that it’s functional, for the lack of better words. You’ll be able to utilize hands-free calls, but the quality of the mic isn’t exactly exemplary. The features rating of H5 is 4.5/5 – excellent, versatile features are onboard allowing you to use these headphones in any number of ways.


Mpow H5 Over-ear Headphone uses 40mm Drivers for its speakers and which is common driver size for most of the over-ear headphones.

Let’s put it this way – there aren’t many headphone models that could bear the titles of ‘hi-fi’ and ‘budget’ at the same time.

What this means is that H5 headphones provide excellent performance without costing an arm and a leg.

They’re absolutely ideal for critical listening due to their peculiar sound signature, more than great for commuting and travel due to their exceptional battery lifetime, the fact that they’re wireless and comfortable makes them suitable for sports and office situations.

But sadly, they’re not so good for gamers as their treble and high-frequency response range isn’t so great.

The performance rating of Mpow’s H5 is 4/5. Though versatile, they’re not great for just about everybody.


Although cheaper models are available, Mpow’s H5 headphones are far from being expensive per se.

They fall into the bottom bracket of the ‘medium’ price point category, and it’s only fair to say that they pack quite a punch for the buck.

The budget rating of H5 is 4.5/5. As we’ve mentioned on several occasions, these headphones excel in quality and don’t cost too much – they could easily pass quality tests and criteria meant for boutique models.

Pros and Cons of Mpow H5

Now that we’ve seen what Mpow’s H5 can do, let’s talk a bit about its good and bad aspects.


  • Cost effective and valuable – H5 headphones are easily among the best budget headphones available on the market
  • Great for all kinds of listening – they’re good for commuting, traveling, critical listening, studio work, and casual listening.
  • Superb battery lifespan – H5’s batteries will last up for approximately 30 hours before running out of juices.
  • Excellent sound quality – though a bit bass-heavy, the sound quality of these headphones is way beyond average.
  • Very Lightweight – This headphone is very very light. For long time use, it won’t give your any pressure.

As for the bad:

  • Inferior microphone quality – hands-free calls are possible, but the sound getting through to the other side won’t be as clear.
  • Heavy clamping pressure – the cups of H5 are a bit too large, which means that you should expect some fatigue after a while.
  • Earpads will be so close to your ears – might be uncomfortable for some

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All things considered, these are amazing, premium-quality headphones which are surely valuable for the money.  Tight, yet durable, bass-heavy, yet versatile, and even though there are some minor imperfections on and about, you’ll have a very hard time finding such quality within the price range.