Why are 13-inch Laptops are so popular?

The Best 13-inch Laptop has low weight, good hardware, and low budget. A perfect combination of all the good things about laptops.

There are a lot of other things to consider before you start to look for a new Laptop.

  • Size,
  • Shape,
  • Battery Life
  • Budget,
  • Brand, and
  • Purpose are fundamental things.

You must also think about what platform are you most comfortable using and the specifications of the device.

You should make these crucial choices before you enter the shop or access the website to start looking for your new laptop.

As the title suggests, we will be looking at the best 13-inch laptops in 2020. The size of your laptop is essential. Your laptop must be portable and fit into bags.

If it is too big, it will not fit. If it is too small, it could roll around and get damaged by the other contents of your bag.

Also If it is too small, you will strain your eyes, struggle to use it, and often hit the wrong key. Whereas If it is too big, it is more likely to break, and you will feel the weight on your shoulders.

Size, Shape, Usability: So Much Choice

Laptops range in size from 11 inches up to 18 inches.

  • An 11-inch laptop weighs around 3 pounds, and
  • an 18-inch laptop weighs 6 to 7 pounds.
  • A 13-inch laptop is the best size for a combination of portability, weight, and usability.
If you need a big-screen laptop, have a look at our Best 17-inch Laptops Review.

The screen defines the size. The intended usage of the laptop will help you to decide on the best size.

A 13-inch laptop is the best size for a combination of portability, weight, and usability.

This size is the most common for people who have to carry their laptop between meetings, or from home to the office.

13-inch Laptop Design Principal

Most 13-inch laptops are designed in the clamshell design. That means the screen does not detach, and it folds open. Detachable screens mean that the laptop can be used as a computer with the keyboard attached, or as a tablet, with a touch screen. The traditional clamshell design offers a better user experience and a higher level of performance.

You also must follow the basic rules of ergonomics.

You could have the best laptop, with the fastest processor, but if your fingers do not meet the keys in a comfortable manner, you can not use it.

You should make sure that there is enough space between the keys; otherwise, the delete key might be the most important and well-used key on your board.

Read more about Laptop Ergonomics from this Indiana University article.

10 Of The Best 13-Inch Laptop

Whatever your desired specification for a new laptop, I am sure that you will find this list helpful and a great place to start your search.

The Huawei Matebook 13

This has the latest Intel Whiskey Lake Processor, 8 GB of RAM. With excellent storage, superb graphics, and light-weight design, this is a great 13-inch laptop and tops the wish list of most laptop professional users.

The Dell XPS13

With Intel Quad-Core processors and Intel Graphics, supported with a choice of between 8GB and 16GB of RAM, this is a powerful laptop suitable for business professionals. Priced around $1,200, it is mid-range and affordable for an excellent laptop.

The HP Envy 13

This will be the envy of your colleagues if you choose it. Priced around $1,500 it is at the higher end but well worth that extra few hundred dollars. Weighing 2.8 pounds, it is a very portable and usable unit.

HP Spectre x360

With an Intel Core i5 or i7 processor and up to 16GB RAM, it is fast, portable and looks amazing. It is full of high-end Intel hardware, as well as being gem-cut and beautiful on the outside.

Apple MacBook Air

At under $1,000 it is well priced. With high-end processors, loads of RAM, and superb graphics, this is one of the most popular go-to laptops in the 13-inch range. Apple continues to improve its products, and that continued development serves its customers well.

Microsoft Surface Book 2

Again priced at under $1,000 it is suitable for students, professionals, or the average gamer. This is the first laptop with a removable keypad that makes our list. The tablet is robust, the hardware is high end, and this would be a great laptop fulfilling all your needs.

Razer Blade Stealth

This takes all the benefits of a clamshell laptop and puts them into a 2 in 1 product. The long battery life makes it usable for long journeys and remote working. It looks great and has high-end performance that makes up for the high price tag of over $1,700.

Asus Zen Book 13

Limited to an Intel Core i5 processor and 8GB of RAM and with a high price tag of nearly $2,000, this makes up for its limitations in looks, weight, and speed. The perfect laptop for personal and professional travel. It is super light-weight, weighing 2.5 pounds, and less than half an inch thick, this is perfect for the person on the go.

Lenovo Yoga C930

With an 8th generation Intel i7 processor, it is powerful and fast. With a price tag of under $900, it is affordable. The graphics on this unit make it suitable for professionals and students, but less suitable for the more creative among you.

Acer Chromebook 13

With a high-quality aluminum body, it is solid. The camera has some quality issues, and the graphics are not as good as other laptops. But with a price tag of under $700, it is a very good laptop for professionals working on the go.

The Best 13-Inch Laptops Under $1,000

As you have seen above, 13-Inch laptops can range in price up to over $2,000. If the budget is the most important thing, we review laptops below in the $600 to $1,000 price range.

The Dell XPS 13 2019

This comes in at a starting price of $881.99 With 8GB RAM, an i5 CPU, and a strong aluminum case, it is perfect for professionals or students alike. The graphics do not make for a good gaming experience, but the laptop is suited to working on projects and for business. This is the best laptop in this price range.

The HP Envy 13T

The starting price is under $1,000 and has all the hardware for a versatile machine. There are upgrades available for the higher specifications, which can push the price over the $1,000 budget, but the starting model has everything that you need.

The Huawei Matebook 13

With a starting price of $899.99, it is a premium Ultrabook laptop. This has been compared with the MacBook Air and proven to perform better in many scenarios.

The Best 13-Inch Laptops Under $600

Further down the budget ladder, we have some good laptops available for less than $600.

Lenovo ThinkPad 13s Business Laptop

With a price of $599.99, it comes in at the top end of this budget bracket. This is one of the absolute best Thinkpads for under $600. There are higher specification models that are more expensive, but the starting laptop in this range would be the place to start with a tighter budget.

HP Pavilion 13

For a bargain price of just $519.99, this is a great laptop full of excellent hardware for the professional or fresh graduate. It has the longest battery life of the laptops in this budget range, and at only 2.8 pounds, it is versatile and perfect for carrying around.

Asus Q304UA

Slightly more expensive at $529.99, the Taiwanese company has built a great laptop that is portable and comfortable to use. This 2-in-1 model can be a laptop or a tablet. It can be used for watching movies or work on the go or in the office.

Are 13-Inch Laptops Better Than 15 Inch Laptops?

If your laptop stays on your desk in the office or at home, then a 15-inch laptop is excellent.

Check our Best 15-inch Laptops Review.

If you have to carry your laptop to different offices, or with you when you travel, you will often find that a 15 Inch laptop is too big for many bags. A 15-inch laptop is often a lot heavier than a 13-inch laptop, and the body of the laptop can make it even heavier.

A 13-inch laptop can feel small for some people. You must always consider the usage of your laptop. Do your fingers find the keys, and are your wrists supported? For some people, a 13-inch laptop is too small.


If you have to buy a portable laptop for work or pleasure, then a 13-inch laptop is better due to size, weight, budget, and functionality.

You have a lot of options available for you to decide how and where to buy your laptop.

My choice would be the DELL XPS 13 for budget, quality, battery life, and usability.