MacBook Pro Accessories for 16/15/13-inch MacBook Pro

MacBook Pro Accessories are a part of talk now among the MacBook users. Apple MacBook Pro comes in different sizes. 16-inch MacbookPro is their newest laptop, which will eventually replace 15-Inch MacBook Pro. 13-Inch MacBook Pro is one of the most popular MacBook Pro because of its size factor.

The MacBook Pro from Apple is a powerful, versatile laptop that can let you do various amazing things. Thus, the device is an excellent choice for creators.

However, it seems struggling to reach its full potential on its own. A wide array of accessories, like Mophie PowerStation AC, will change the way you use your MacBook Pro.

Best MacBook Pro Accessories for 16/15/13-inch MacBook Pro Laptops in 2020

If you are looking for the best MacBook Pro accessories, then you must check the list below. Outlined here are 10 products proven to be great accessories for your laptop:

#1. Mophie PowerStation AC External Battery

The Mophie PowerStation AC is a high-capacity external battery equipped with the AC power and USB-C PD fast charge for tablets, laptops, smartphones, and other smart devices.

This external battery has a 22,000 mAh capacity, giving more juice for the battery of your MacBook Pro. The 100-watt AC output lets you charge camera batteries, laptops, and other smart devices that you recharge by plugging them into the wall outlet.

If you love to travel or you’re a business-minded individual, the Mophie’s PowerStation AC is the best accessory to buy for your MacBook Pro.


  • Big 22,000 mAh capacity
  • USB-C PD fast charging function
  • 100watts AC output


  • Expensive

#2. Bose QC35II

QuietComfort 35 II has been known for its noise-canceling technology and ergonomic design. If you’re looking to have the best audio experience as you listen to music, watch movies, or drown out ambient noise, there is no better choice than Bose.

Checkout a full Bose QC35II Review in


  • First-class noise cancellation
  • Soft but balanced sound quality
  • Amazingly comfortable to use


  • No quick mute
  • No autoplay and pause
  • Plastic build

#3. Samsung T5 Portable SSD

MacBook Pro is great but not perfect. One of its drawbacks is that it does not offer much when it comes to storage.

Don’t fret!

The popular Samsung T5 Portable SSD is the solution to your problem. Its portable drive provides lightning-fast read-write speeds, which makes it simple to back up the saved videos and photos while you are busy at work.

The Samsung T5 Portable SSD is a good-looking portable SSD with aluminum finish and a rounded build. This device uses the USB 3.1 Gen3 interface with transfer speeds reaching 540 megabytes per second.

The Samsung T5 Portable SSD is available in two colors based on the available variants:

  • Alluring Blue (256GB and 500GB) and
  • Deep Black (1TB and 2TB).


  • Excellent transfer speeds
  • Available in different storage variants
  • Durable


  • List item

#4. Anker USB-C to Lightning Cable

It is an MFi certified USB-C to lightning cable, allowing you to connect your iPhone to your MacBook Pro. This durable cable is supporting power delivery technology.

It can work with the latest iPhone units like iPhone 10/11 and iPhone XS Max. Use it together with the 18watt and above USB-C power delivery adapter, including Apple 29-87 watts USB-C power adapter to recharge your smartphone to 50 percent in 30 minutes.

This lightning cable supports quick charging for the latest iPhone units and iPads.

Unlike other brands, this product aims to last longer. It has been proven able to endure 30,000 bends. Crafted with sturdy 2-shade nylon, this cable is easier to distinguish from others. Its long-lasting performance goes with a hassle-free lifetime warranty.


  • Tough and sturdy
  • Quick charge
  • Hassle-free lifetime warranty’


  • Expensive

#5. Logitech MX Master 2S

If you are fan of using Mouse instead of Trackpad, Logitech MX Master 2S is the one mouse for you.

It’s a great mouse that boasts a great ergonomic design without compromising the aesthetic quality. Its unique design offers great comfort while the solid build sustains the premium feel.

Being capable to switch between 3 devices is a smart feature. The built-in rechargeable battery spares you from the inconveniences of using AA batteries. Also, you don’t need to recharge it from time to time.

The Logitech MX Master 2S offers precision control & advanced ergonomics for a good mouse experience. Likewise, it supports the Options app that will allow you to configure different buttons and tailor this experience to its liking.


  • Can track effectively on all surfaces
  • Customizable buttons
  • Switch between PCs


  • Not for left-handed users
  • Not ideal for FPS gaming
  • A bit heavy

#6. SanDisk Ultra USB-C Dual Flash Drive

If you require a smaller, more discreet storage, then this flash drive from SanDisk could be the best answer to your needs.

It can support as much as 120 MB per second read speeds, allowing you to transfer files off your computer in the pinch – store videos, pictures, movies, whatever it is just name it.


  • Small and portable
  • Better read speeds
  • Good for saving videos, movies, and other large files


  • Expensive

#7. Logitech K380

MacBook Pro comes with a butterfly keyboard that works fine by default. However, if you will be using the laptop for several hours, then you will need something better. Logitech K380 is a good choice. It features great key travel, numeric keypad, and comfortable design if you require to do an accounting activity.

There is a stand connected for propping up portable devices like smartphones and tablets. The Logitech K380 is lightweight and compact. It’s the Bluetooth keyboard which you can bring anywhere you go.

This Bluetooth keyboard can work with a maximum of 3 devices all at the same time. Just one touch to the button is enough so that you can start typing and creating documents.

The Logitech K380 allows you to toggle between them. It is compatible with Bluetooth-enabled PCs, smartphones, and tablets. It even offers an extended battery life of up to two years. This Bluetooth keyboard uses a pair of AAA batteries.


  • Fast and reliable Bluetooth connection
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Can work with 3 devices at the same time


  • Not suitable for users with bigger fingers
  • The Caps Lock key is too close to letter “A” key
  • No built-in rechargable battery.

#8. Incase Slim Sleeve

Your MacBook Pro also needs a good sleeve for protection. Your laptop needs one to stay safe and sound while the device is in your backpack. This incase slim sleeve is sturdy and attractive, making it an excellent choice to use for your MacBook Pro.


  • Simple but decent
  • Sturdy
  • Easy to put on


  • Expensive

#9. Apple Magic Trackpad 2

Rechargeable and redesigned, Apple Magic Trackpad 2 features the built-in battery and the awesome function called Force Touch.

There are 4 force sensors under the trackpad surface, allowing you to click everywhere. Also, subtle differences exist in the degree of applied pressure. Also, this trackpad brings increased functionality to your fingers and enables a deeper connection towards your content.

The Magic Trackpad 2 has the edge-to-edge surface area that is made of plastic. It is almost 30% bigger than its predecessor. Its design going with the lower profile make swiping and scrolling over your content more comfortable and productive than before.

It can pair automatically with your MacBook Pro, allowing you to work as soon as possible. The provided battery will supply power to this device for 30 days or more before it requires recharging.

If you don’t like a mouse or you just need a device that matches your mouse, then the Magic Trackpad 2 will be a perfect choice. It comes with a neat, clean design, a built-in rechargeable battery, and the force sensors that can detect the level of applied pressure.


  • With a built-in rechargeable battery
  • Clever design
  • Force sensors


  • Expensive

#10. OWC Thunderbolt 3 Dock

The OWC Thunderbolt 3 Dock comes with a whopping 12 ports of connectivity, like the SD card reader, 3 USB 3.1 Gen 1, Gigabit ethernet, and 2 Thunderbolt 3.

When you dock your PC with a monitor at home, then the OWC can take your experience into the next level, keeping you productive and busy for the rest of the day.


  • With 12 ports of connectivity
  • Easy to use
  • Sturdy


  • Expensive
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The best MacBook Pro accessories can increase your productivity and make the workflow more seamless for you.

The market offers more accessories that you can use for your laptop. These accessories are not just for fun. Apple is continuously producing new MacBook laptops that are lighter and thinner than the previously released units.

As the company produces more powerful but more compact and slimmer laptops, Apple is lacking in the ports or a keyboard.

Thus, it is best to invest in some accessories that can help improve your daily experience in using your MacBook Pro.

It is not just about the gorgeous-looking cases or fancy audio devices out there. It’s about the best MacBook Pro accessories that promote productivity and improved workflow.

For your satisfaction, those 10 products listed above are sure to deliver the best in everything – performance, functionality, quality, and ease of use. As you can see, many of them offer the best value for your money.

Besides, all these products seem to have those features and functions that can take your everyday encoding routine into the next level. They are so worth checking considering the special features added to them.