Laptops with larger screens are quite difficult to find, especially when you’re restricted on budget. Lenovo IdeaPad 330 looks promising. It sports a 17.3-inch display and doesn’t cost too much. That said, it could be perfect for design students who are just embarking on their journey.

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But, how does it fare?

Find out in our compelling Lenovo IdeaPad 330 Review

We thoroughly check laptops before posting a review. Which means that we conduct a detailed analysis of design, features, screen, keyboard and trackpad, audio, performance also including battery before we are absolutely sure it will meet our demands. 

If this laptop caught your interest even before, reading this review will help you shape your decision about taking it or not. 

Design and features: Best Lenovo 17.3″ Laptop

On first look, IdeaPad 330 looks like its more expensive siblings. It is entirely made out of plastic that shows Lenovo’s recognizable robust design, a good-quality plastic that doesn’t feel cheap or easy to break, let alone get scratched. On the upper lid, we are greeted with the Lenovo’s recognizable logo put at the corner, and painted with white letters. 

The plastic build is likely to reduce laptop’s weight, which is 6.17 lbs (2.8 kg), while the laptop’s dimensions stretch at 1″ H x 16.5″ W x 11.5″ D.  With that weight, laptop is not the lightest, but it’s important to take its 17.3-inches size into account, with laptops in the competition feeling even heavier at that size. 

It’s worth mentioning that laptop can be carried one-handed across the house or apartment, as well as outside in a backpack with ease. Nevertheless, make sure not to over-pack your bag, as its weight, combined with other items can give you a backache if you don’t use it smartly.  

The lower panel is well-protected with 15.3-inch screws that keep it attached. The laptop is easy to unscrew and open, although we don’t recommend it, as based where you’ve bought it, you may flag the warranty you receive.  

When the lid opens, which is incredibly lightweight to do, you’ll be greeted with a large 17.3-inches screen that sports resolution 1600 x 900, as well as a large keyboard that sports the numeric pad from the right side. From outside, it looks like a laptop everyone would wish for, although other aspects on the inside we’ll get to touch in the following paragraphs. 

There are a plethora of ports.

Lenovo IdeaPad 330 sports a DVD drive that is replaceable and can be swapped for a Blue-Ray drive.

As for the ports, there is everything – full-sized HDMI, USB-A, as well as Ethernet ports. The laptop also sports a USB-C port, although it only works for data transferring, and not display-out or charging.  There is also a built-in microphone that works flawlessly for video calls, although the video-cam produces a poor image. 

Lastly, it seems that Lenovo implemented an internal battery, as selling such large separate batteries for this laptop is likely an impossible thing to do. 

Keyboard and touchpad  

If you plan to use Lenovo IdeaPad 330 only for a regular usage, slight browning of the internet and YouTube, you won’t care much about the keyboard and touchpad. On the other side, if you spend a significant amount of time writing, you may find the information about these two more than useful. 

The keyboard is reasonably large so that it can accurately fit in the large chassis of this Lenovo 17.3-inch laptop.

However, since there is quite some travel between the keys, as well as spacing and requirement to apply a certain amount of force to tap the key, the experience feels unpleasant. If you use keyboard significant amount of time, you may find this hardness difficult until you get used to it, 

The keyboard also doesn’t offer the back-light, which may turn some potential buyers off, as it can’t light in the darkness and make typing easier, especially if you are a gamer. Nevertheless, keys like volume key caps lock and num lock offer lights to indicate whether these commands are on and off, so you can avoid sudden annoyance from typing everything in capital letters. 

Touchpad says an entirely different story. It’s spacious, it offers a multi-finger support, but it doesn’t use Precision drivers. Attempting to install them will only disable your touchpad or something worse. Nevertheless, it’s accurate and does it’s job. For prolonged use, a great variety of wireless mice is available that can be used. 


Lenovo IdeaPad 330 sports a 17.3-inch HD display with a resolution of 1600 x 900 pixels. As the numbers suggest, the screen is large and sports a LED Backlight panel that is supposed to make it brighter. Unfortunately, that’s not the case because as with all lower-end laptops, the screen is dim and dreary.  

That said, if you are working in bright environments and your laptop isn’t charging, you may have difficulties seeing the screen without loading it to 100% brightness.  Without the charger, that will cost you the battery. 

Overall, the screen is fast and responsive, it sports a vivid specter of vibrant colors that are accurate while the screen is the energy-efficient screen that reduces the negative impacts of blue color, feeling friendlier to the eye. 

Overall, it’s a good bargain, if you can live with the fact that screen is dimmer and more oriented towards meeting the budget instead of providing the best performance. 


The laptop comes with large stereo speakers that can be loud enough to fill the medium-sized room, but they are far from good quality. If you will use it to watch movies keep in mind that setting speakers loudly will make them produce distortion and inaccurate sound, the vocals may sound slightly weird, while there will be a noticeable lack of details. 

For improved performance, either use good-quality headphones that can get past such distorted sound, or install better speakers in the audio jack, both options can be quite inexpensive if you find something that works well for you. 

Performance of Lenovo IdeaPad 330

Having a good screen, stiff-keyboard, or a solid build for your laptop is extremely good, but if the performance is poor, nothing will suffice. Performance is an essential factor for choosing every laptop, which is why we took time to review each option for Lenovo IdeaPad 330. 

 Having the 8th generation Intel’s processor in a $500-priced laptop is more than great, as such type of a processor is rather found in more powerful laptops, with a heftier price-tag, as you may assume. With that in mind, Lenovo IdeaPad 330 boasts Intel Core i5 8250U processor with four physical cores starting at 1.6 GHz performance at 6MB Cache memory. 

Lenovo IdeaPad 330 RAM

Moving on, the processor is paired with 8GB of RAM, that can be expanded to 12GB to 16GB, depending on a unit you choose. It’s worth noting that for moderate day-to-day use, and some level of writing or coding, this laptop won’t require more than 8GB of RAM, especially because of the powerful processor.

Keep in mind that expanding laptop to 12 GB of RAM can hurt its performance, as international convention advises having two of each RAMs in the socket, so combining 8 with 4 or otherwise could slow your laptop down. 

Storage of Lenovo IdeaPad 330

Let’s talk about storage. Storage in lower-end laptops is highly debatable, as a vast majority of them sports a slow hard-drive with low RPM. Lenovo IdeaPad 330 is no exception. Although it comes out with a 1TB hard-drive it only sports a 5400 RPM, which can make it painful for Windows booting times, as well as installing of applications. 

Thankfully, it is more than easy to add an additional SSD, not only those things keep your laptop better, thanks to the great transfer, reading and writing speeds, but are considerably extending your laptop’s performance, have a better lifespan compared to the mechanical hard-drives, and make your battery life longer if Windows is running on it, instead on 1TB hard-drive. 

Lenovo IdeaPad 330 Variations

1Flagship Premium Lenovo IdeaPad 330 17.3"
Intel Quad-Core i5-8250U
Dolby Audio, 802.11ac
HDMI, Bluetooth, Webcam
USB Type-C
Upgrade up to 20G RAM
Flagship Premium Lenovo IdeaPad 330 17.3"
Intel Quad-Core i5-8250U
Dolby Audio, 802.11ac
HDMI, Bluetooth, Webcam
USB Type-C
Win 10
Upgrade RAM and Hard Drive
2Lenovo IdeaPad 330 15.6"8th Gen Intel Quad Core i5-8250U up to 3.40GHz,
FHD WLED Display,
256GB SSD, 802.11ac WiFi, Bluetooth 4.1,
Windows 10
3Lenovo IdeaPad 330 15.6"8th Gen Intel Dual-Core i3-8130U Up to 3.4GHz (Beat i5-7200U
HD Business Laptop,
802.11ac, Bluetooth,
HDMI, Windows 10
4Lenovo IdeaPad 330 15.6"Intel Celeron N4000 Processor, 1.1 GHz up to 2.6 GHz,
WiFi, Bluetooth, HDMI,
Windows 10
Upgrade up to 8GB RAM
5Lenovo IdeaPad 330 15.6"Intel Core i3-8130U (Beat i5-7200U),
Intel HD 620, WiFi, Bluetooth, HDMI,
Windows 10
Upgrade up to 12GB RAM and
6Lenovo IdeaPad 330 15.6"Intel Celeron Quad-Core N4100 up to 2.4 GHz,
Intel Graphics 600,
WiFi, Bluetooth, HDMI,
DVD-RW, Windows 10
Upgrade up to 8GB RAM and 1TB SSD

On Amazon, when purchasing this laptop, you can opt to choose for a solid-state drive starting from 128GB which is more than enough to install Windows 10, and use hard-drive for storing apps, photos, videos and games, moving over to 256GB, 512GB, or 1TB of course if your budget allows, although not necessary. 

Gaming In Lenovo IdeaPad 330

Ten years ago, no one could imagine we would play high-end games on laptops, let alone any kind of games in particular. With a dozen of gaming series such as OMEN, ROG, Legion emerging year after a year, the vision is kinda changing, although it requires a lot of budgets, as mobile components cost more than the static ones. 

So, can IdeaPad 330 run games?

If by games you don’t mean Battlefield, Witcher III, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, and Shadow of the Tomb Raider, yes, it can run some older games, including The Sims 4, and some other famous titles four to five years old. 

IdeaPad 330 is equipped with an integrated Intel HD 620 with shared memory. Its performance is solely based on the processing power and should graphics die, it can compromise the performance of entire system, given that integrated GPUs are incredibly difficult to replace.  

Still, moderate gaming is allowed, although the laptop is solely intended for mobile work, and not for high-end gaming. Don’t worry, however, we have a large selection of gaming laptops we reviewed in details, so make sure to check our selection of gaming laptops here. 

Battery Life 

IdeaPad 330 17.3″ model is quite a large laptop, thereby, it doesn’t promise to run on juice for a long time. This model will, however, do its best. In general, it will run for about two and a half hours, which is too low even for a large laptop such as Lenovo IdeaPad 330. 

There is some tweaking you can do to improve your battery’s lifetime. Make sure to update your BIOS and install power management drivers. Drivers can be usually updated automatically with drivers management applications such as Driver Booster, for example. This tweaking can prolong your battery life to about three hours and 20 minutes, which is great. 

Since the laptop sports a 720p resolution, keep in mind that the GPU doesn’t push to its hard limits to make the laptop work properly, so with increased screen brightness, switching between different apps and multiple tabs regardless of the browser you’re using, with deflating your battery life. 

Make sure to bring your charger with you wherever you are going, you’ll need it. 


Many factors affect the heat in your laptop, starting from the slow hard-drive. Fortunately, without a discrete graphics card, the laptop won’t heat too much. 

As IdeaPad 330 is a big size laptop, so the heat won’t affect it in any way, it will run cold and cool, without noticeable temperature oscillations that could be a reason for concern. That said, don’t worry, use your laptop’s strong performance as much as you could, and if the temperature does jump, there are various temperature monitoring software that can make you stay at peace. 

It’s worth pointing out that laptop runs quiet and doesn’t sound like a moving tractor, making it ideal for quiet cafes and libraries. 

Pros and Cons of Lenovo IdeaPad 330


  • Great specs 
  • Quiet and cold 
  • Decent touchpad 
  • Sturdy 
  • Excellent value for money 
  • Easily upgradable 


  • Low battery life 
  • Poor keyboard 
  • Dark display 

 Value for the money 

There is no much to say about its value, Lenovo IdeaPad 330 is well worth the money spent, packing specs worth of a $1000 and more expensive laptop.  There are many virtues of this laptop, making it a great value. 

 Final Verdict 

Lenovo IdeaPad 330 comes with many features and amazing specifications, nowadays, it’s extremely hard to find a large laptop for only $500, so it’s definitely a laptop worth checking out for little more than $500. What do you think about IdeaPad 330? Let us know in the comments!