The Dell S2216M is a 22inch Full HD LED monitor for PC or Mac. Based on the features, specs, design and price range, I can tag this monitor as a Basic Full HD monitor. The features and specs of Dell S2216M indicate that this is a monitor for home users and who doesn’t need many extra features.

Dell S2216M Full HD Monitor Review


This Dell monitor has a glossy screen, ultra-thin bezels and black piano finish in a body, which makes it a very slick monitor to have. The control buttons and power button are on right bottom front side of the corner, which make it very accessible. The control button is actually touch panel on the bezel, which is very cool and increases the look and feel of the Dell S2216M monitor.

screenshot-from-2016-11-13-02-52-56The monitor stand is very steady, strong and robust and you can easily tilt the monitor front and back to adjust your viewing angle. Unfortunately, this monitor doesn’t provide any swiveling option, which is very surprising.

Improved bezels of this monitor offer a 21.5inch (54.6cm) viewing area from a total 22” width. The viewing area is much bigger than its predecessor.


Display: Dell S2216M Monitor has a flat display panel with LED Backlit screen, 178° ultra-wide viewing angle. This is made with arsenic-free glass and a mercury-free LED panel.  

1080p Full HD: This monitor has a Full HD screen, which means it provides a 1080 horizontal lines of vertical resolution. Learn more about Full HD from Wikipedia. Full resolution of this screen is 1920 x 1080. For the last couple of years till today, a Full HD screen for a 21.5-inch screen is pretty standard and it provides an excellent picture quality. No matter if you watch a Sci Fi Hollywood movie or browse Flickr to see photos, you’ll get all colors and feels.

This ultra-wide screen display will allow you to keep multiple windows open and see them both at a time. For example, you are browsing Wikipedia and writing an article on your favorite topic, you can Keep open your Word processor at left and browser at right and you’ll still have all the options at your software. Sure this is going to increase your productivity.

Aspect Ratio: This Dell S2216M LED Monitor has 16:9 aspect ratio. This is a very common standard now. I hardly see anyone using a monitor with 4:3 aspect ratio. This is the best aspect ratio to enjoy HD Movies, Tv serial or any HD Quality video. Now even most of the smart phones shoot at 16:9 aspect ratio and you can enjoy them on this monitor.

With a refresh rate of 60Hz, the videos will be butter smooth if they were shot at decent frame rates.

Viewing Angle: Dell S2216M have 178° vertical / 178° horizontal viewing angle, which is huge. This feature will help you most when you’ll work with someone else and two persons will sit in front of the same monitor. In this monitor, Dell implemented Antiglare with hard-coating 3H technology to reduce the screen reflections which is a common problem in glossy screen. With this monitor, you won’t feel much glares.

Contrast: Contrast ratio of 1000 : 1 and a Dynamic contrast ratio of 8 Million : 1 will enable your eyes to see perfect whites, dark blacks and a big range of true colors. Though this is not a professional monitor, when it comes to color accuracy, Dell did a good job with this monitor.

Response Time: 6ms response time for a Full HD 22-inch monitor is not up to the mark. With 60Hz refresh rate, this monitor will allow you to see HD movie smoothly, but if you want to play video games, this 6ms response time will take you down.

Plugs & Ports: Port for the Power cord and display cord are placed on the backside of the monitor. Another drawback of this monitor is, this don’t have any jack for sound output. You can’t really enjoy the benefits of HDMI, though much of home users just output the sound from their PC.

Connectivity: This monitor provides VGA and DVI connectivity for graphics input. There’s no HDMI connectivity in this monitor and this is really shocking. Well, if you don’t want to output your sound from your monitor, DVI do the job pretty much.

Power Management: The Dell 22 Monitor features PowerNap that reduces screen brightness or puts the monitor into sleep mode when it’s not in use.

Environment-friendly materials:

This monitor is made with arsenic-free glass and a mercury-free LED panel. Its circuit boards are made from brominated flame retardant (BFR)- and PVC-free laminates. This also  meets the latest regulatory and environmental standards:

  • ENERGY STAR®  Qualified
  • EPEAT®  Silver Rated
  • CECP Certified
  • TCO Certified Displays

What’s Included with the package

  • Monitor with stand
  • Power cable
  • Power adaptor
  • VGA cable
  • Drivers and documentation media
  • Quick setup guide
  • Safety Information


  • Great Design
  • Plug & Play: Easy to use.
  • Good value for money


  • No HDMI connectivity.
  • No swiveling
  • Avg response time.

If you want to use your HDMI port on your PC, you can use HDMI to DVI converter.

Review Verdict

If your PC use includes Word Processing, Emailing, Browsing websites, Youtube, Watching movies and listening music, This is a perfect monitor for you. But if you planning to do high-quality photo editing, video processing, high-end gaming, this monitor is not a good option for you.