Hasselblad is a real big name in the Photography industry. They first founded in 1941 and they are making Medium format cameras. The very same camera that took photos of Moon in Apollo 11 mission by NASA was a Hasselblad camera. And you can guess from the title, the famous and successful Drone maker DJI has acquired a majority stake in Hasselblad. It was first reported photography site Luminous Landscape, but TechCrunch, TheVerge, and many other channels already reported it.

In 2015, DJI first bought a minority stake in Hasselblad and this is the second round of the process.

Photo Credit: pixabay

Hasselblad is a Swedish camera maker and they are famous for their Medium format cameras. A medium format camera is a superior camera from a Full frame DSLR. A great number of famous photos we see today was taken by Hasselblad. For example, The Beatles stars walking in the street, Steve Jobs black and white portrait was taken by Hasselblad. Everything fades away when you know that 12 modified Hasselblad cameras were sent to Moon by Nasa in Apollo 11 mission to photograph the Moon landing. In this universe, nothing can beat this record.

Though Hasselblad has a glorified history, there recent past wasn’t that smooth. Their ownership was changed two times since 2003. It’s not a good sign for a company with that history.

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DJI Inspire

In another hand, DJI is comparatively a new company, yet the are the market leader of Amature and Professional Drones for Aerial Photography or just for hobby drone piloting. Phantom and Mavic is there consumer level Drones. Their Inspire series Drones are used by professionals and many Hollywood movie scenes were shot by Inspire combined with their imaging technology.

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Now the big question is, what’s going to happen next?

What’s the fate of Hasselblad and what’s the plane of DJI?
Is Hasselblad going to be an only subsidiary company of DJI or DJI planning to integrate Hasselblad imaging technology into their drones?

Personally, I think, DJI will obviously take advantage of Hasselblad Imaging technology and use their Brand name as well. If they combined Hasselblad camera or techniques into DJI Inspire Drones, I am expecting, more Hollywood movies going to use these drones for their movie shooting purpose. I believe there will be many other applications of such high-end camera in such advanced Drones.