, the holy website for the developers was down for a few hours due to a data storage system failure. The event was reported by many news portals and itself.

The site is back online already, though many visitors may experience unusual response from Github and developers may experience a hard time to push data.

Github storage system failed at 10:52 pm UTC

After around 8 hours from the incident, Github posted about it in their blog. They mentioned, at 10:52 pm Sunday UTC time, network partition of storage and database failed in many servers of As a result, the website was showing outdated data, though they ensure the latest data isn’t lost at all.

The incidence only impacts on metadata stored in MySQL database. This will primarily affect the Issues and pull requests, however, the Git Repository (Public and private source code, pushed by developers), which are the most important data of Github are safe and sound.

Though the most important part is safe, they are not sure exactly how much time it might take to fix the whole issue. They mentioned in the blog,

“We are aware of how important our services are to your development workflows and are actively working to establish an estimated timeframe for full recovery. We will share this information with you as soon as it is available”. – The Github Blog

Here are some tweets to follow:

We are continuing work to repair a data storage system for You may see inconsistent results during this process.

— GitHub Status (@githubstatus) October 22, 2018

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