You may not be a digital currency fan, but if you had the chance to go back when Bitcoin was $0001.0/BTC, would you buy? Now 1 BTC = $6400.00.

Here we have something, where you have nothing to lose except 5 minute of your life, but there is a chance, you’ll gain a lot in future.

Some ex-PayPal guys created a new payment system called Initiative Q. The system use their own currency, The Q. Right now they are offering free Q to those who signup on an invitation basis.

Upon signup, you’ll know the fluctuating Q value / USD now, but sure the amount will drop when more and more people will join.

Signup is free! So, what it takes to join now? They only need your name and email address, same as other hundreds sites you signup.

Here is our invite link:

This link will stop working once I’m out of invites.

What to do after signup?

After you signup, let us know in the comment as we need to verify the signup, which will gives you Q13800 (as of now).

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