During their 3rd annual Snapdragon Summit last December 4, Qualcomm Technologies has released a glimpse of the newly upgraded Snapdragon 855 chip highlighting an ultrasonic improvement on its 3D sensor with its 4th-gen multicore AI (Artificial Intelligence) engine, among others which will be visualized in the 5G-operated mobile phones. Aside from releasing information about the new processor, they have also announced their partnership with Verison and Samsung.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Processor

Qualcomm Technologies, an American telecommunications industry that produces telecommunication products and services, has continuously explored and innovating their products that will supply the highly competitive market and support the technological expansion.

Snapdragon 855, their latest innovation, will be a more evolved chip processor from the Snapdragon 845 launched a year ago. With this advancement, Snapdragon 855 will be a version that will cater to every consumer’s basic preferences on a smartphone – connectivity, security features, camera, hard-core gaming capability, and the AI adaptation that will excite the global market.

Although Qualcomm has yet to divulge a more detailed visual feature of this Snapdragon 855, this following specifications will encourage the consumers to look forward to the full announcement and the launching event of this new flagship.

Multi-gigabit 5G

Snapdragon 855 will be the first to launch the multi-gigabit 5G connectivity on a mobile phone that will improve the quality and reliability of the data connection speed. As this generation is too reliant on internet connection to get through daily activities – from google search to emails, this enhancement will benefit the consumers, particularly in speeding up their jobs.

3D Sonic Sensor

unlike the older version of Snapdragon which has the optical fingerprint sensor underneath its display, 855 will provide a different feature that will use ultrasonic waves on its system and will have the fingerprint access on the display itself. Qualcomm will share more about this feature in their next announcement.

AI Performance Improvement

this platform, AI, is one of the major products of continuous technological advancement in the course of history which will significantly hasten human endeavors. To perform similar to human beings, AI has become advantageous to the day to day operations. In this fast-paced environment, people need to cope with its fast evolving industries.

With Snapdragon 855, AI performance will host the 4th-generation, multicore AI engine that is said to function 3 times faster and better than its predecessor which is in 3rd-generation AI performance in terms of speed and reliability.

Computer Vision Image Signal Processor (CV-ISP)

855 will be the first in the world to produce an astounding quality of photograph and video capture as it has an improved computer vision. Computer vision is the ability to capture images in human eye standard and analyze visual input which is different from the Image Processing that only changes raw image outputs prior to computer processing.

In this digital age, more people have been publicly active in social media sites through posting photos and videos of their whereabouts, thus, the birth of blog and vlog. The emergence of blog and v-log sometimes becomes one of the motivations of acquiring a mobile phone that the consumers’ think has the capability to support and improve this hobby.

Since mobile phones are way lighter than DSLR cameras which come handy during travels and spontaneous adventures, more people opt to use their mobile phones than the heavy cameras. Now that this feature is being improved, more bloggers and vloggers will soon rise with more improved photographs and videos production.

Snapdragon Elite Gaming

this feature in the 855 will be a good news to the gaming community because this will provide a more enhanced gaming experience through their mobile phones.

There are two types of gamers: the heavy gamers – those have enthusiastically used up their time and energy into gaming, and the average gamers – who plays mobile games occasionally. In US alone, according to surveys, more than half of mobile users are gaming using their phones. Even ordinary mobile user may still have games on their phones even though they are not frequently gaming.

This means to say that part of every consumer’s preference in choosing for a mobile phone may put a consideration on its speed and convenience when it comes to gaming.


Through the sneak peek of what Snapdragon 855 will showcase that Qualcomm initially revealed to the public, the electronics and telecommunication companies may now be considering to adopt this new upgrade.

First to announce the upgrade to 5G is Samsung, that is eyeing to produce their 5G phones come 2019. But as to date, OnePlus, Xiomi, and Motorola have also expressed their interest to adapt to the upgrade that will be released in 2019.

In the coming days, Qualcomm will be revealing more hints on how this development would benefit the industry and the consumers. This might be the opportunity to realize a levelling up of technological evolution.