It is almost here. On April 21st, the Samsung Galaxy S8 is going to see the light of the day and be eligible for ordering.

After the fiasco that occurred with the Note 7 that had to be withdrawn from the market, Samsung had to create something extra-ordinary, a device that will surpass its predecessors in both terms of design and functionality.

While we’re waiting for the release date, let’s take a look of the long-awaited, futuristic Samsung Galaxy S8 and what does it bring along, and what is it that we already know about the upcoming flagship model.

We are counting the hours until the April 21st

Samsung Galaxy s8The hype has been real ever since the beginning of the year. On Mobile World Congress press conference, there was not a lot to say about the upcoming flagship handset, the Samsung Galaxy S8. Instead, the company talked about a pair of the upcoming tablets. However, after a few weeks, we have gotten an official announcement from the company estimated to release the model on April 21st.

Almost one month ago, the professional leaker, Evan Blass has uploaded some unseen images of the Samsung Galaxy S8 for the audience to see. One month before the official release we were able to get the insight of one of the most popular, and the most anticipated devices in the whole world.


We were able to see the redesigned case and entire outside look. The leaked images suggest that the famous home button that compliments this phone has been gone for good, as a result of the nearly perfect display feature. The Samsung will use Galaxy S8 to feature the edge-to-edge display that has been expected for a long time. This innovative, futuristic design also suggests that the fingerprint unlocking is now located on the rear side of the phone

A lot of talks have been going around for the headphone jack, and whether will Samsung follow up Apple’s example on iPhone 7, we will find out on April 21st, when the initial release has been announced. The phone will be available in black, gray and silver color, so there will be a lot to choose from.


Ever since the release of the Note devices, Samsung has been sticking to its larger phones policies. There have been rumors about the initial release of two devices. Apparently, you will be able to spring for the Samsung Galaxy S8 in 5.7-inches and Galaxy S8+ in 6.2-inches. Also, an unconfirmed information that the flagship model equips a 2960 x 1440-pixel resolution, which represents a noticeable change compared to the last year’s model.

Another rumor suggests that Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 will make its appearance in terms of Samsung’s performance. Additionally, Samsung has secured the S8 and S8+ with the 3,000 and 3500mAh batteries. We hope for the extended battery life.

We are counting the days until the release date, and given that Samsung has always exceeded our expectations in the past, we can rest assured that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will bring the new, revolutionary standard in the mobile phones