Sennheiser introduced 4 new Headphones in CES 2017 as they always bring their latest technology in CES. Sennheiser has released its first consumer Ambeo headphones that can give you a music with ambient surround sound with better audio quality. Two new headphones, HD 4.50BTNC and HD 4.40BT in popular HD 4 series comes with Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless feature and New Momentum In-Ear Wireless headphone.

AMBEO Smart Surround In-Ear Headphone

AMBEO Smart Surround_3
Photo Credit: Sennheiser

In CES 2016, Sennheiser first introduced its 3D audio technologies. As part of this technology, they presented an Ambeo VR mic and their own algorithm to make games and movie sound more realistic. In this year, they included a binaural audio recording headphone to make 3D audio more attainable.

AMBEO Smart Surround looks like a regular In-Ear headphone except it has a pair of microphones in each ear. These microphones enable this headphone to capture and playback the binaural recordings in real time. Binaural recordings are captured and playback in a way to give the listener feelings that they are at the moment of recording. These feelings improve the gaming and movie experience of the listener.

HD 4.50BTNC and HD 4.40BT Over-Ear Headphone

HD 4 is a famous and popular Headphone series of Sennheiser. In this CES 2017, they have released 2 new headphones in this Series, that are HD 4.50BTNC and HD 4.40BT. Both of them use Bluetooth 4.0 with aptX support for a top class audio experience. Both of them also offer NFC for easy pairing with your wireless device. They have built-in Mic which you can use to command Siri or Google Assistant. The mic can also be used to take a call and talk while they are connected to your mobile phone. The two models will also keep the music going for up to 25 hours before needing to recharge.

Differences of HD 4.50BTNC and HD 4.40BT

These two headphones have their own differences as well. HD 4.5BTNC have Sennheiser’s NoiseGuard active noise cancellation technology which cancels outside noise electronically. When you activate NoiseGuarde, it will use the battery to process the noise cancellation and your battery life will be reduced from 25hrs to 18hrs. HD 4.5BTNC comes with a hard cover to protect the headphone but HD 4.0BT comes with a soft pouch only.

Momentum In-Ear Wireless Headphone: HD1

To me, most astonishing release in this CES 207 by Sennheiser is Momentum In-ear Wireless headphone. They named it HD1. Momentum probably their most appreciated headphone series. All previous Momentum in-ear headphones were wired version. Industry specialists are saying, this is a response of Sennheiser to Apple’s cut of 3.5mm jack from iPhone 7 and other mobile phone makers are also starting to cut the jack. They also introduced a neckband style design for this In-Ear headphone, that much looks like Bose QuiteControl 30.

This Momentum In-Ear Wireless headphone use a Bluetooth 4.1 with aptX and AAC support to connect to a wireless device and provide quality audio sound. This also has NFC for easy pairing. The control buttons are placed in the neckband As per Sennheiser, we can expect around 10 hours of battery life from this headphone.