Moto G Play 4th Gen

Motorola abbreviated as Moto being the Chinese company produces the least budget and the best technology smartphones. As Lenovo acquired Motorola but terms and conditions remained unchanged for the production of wireless phones. Recently launched Moto G Play 4th Gen officially by Lenovo is a magical gadget with excellent performance and value. Being the year’s least budget smartphone the Moto G Play (4th gen.) has gained maximum trusted reviews of customers. With the ideal price, screen size, HD camera, software, and powerful battery Moto G Play (4th gen.) is the best smartphone to buy.

Moto G Play (4th gen.) - Black - 16 GB - Unlocked - Prime Exclusive - with Lockscreen Offers & Ads Moto G Play (4th gen.) - Black - 16 GB - Unlocked - Prime Exclusive - with Lockscreen Offers & Ads * --

Moto G Play 4th Generation Features

  • Front screen microphone never diverts your voice during call
  • Apparently looks like a G4 and G4 plus, but have better quality than previous versions
  • 5-inch screen for full HD display
  • Brilliant color display even in the sunlight
  • Viewing angles of Moto G Play (4th gen.) are good than G4 and G4 plus
  • Reduceable screen size with a single-handed mode. This intuitively designed feature is ideal for those who love to use mini screen
  • Glance view feature is for viewing notifications without unlocking your G play (Absent in G4 and G4 Plus)
  • 5MP front camera for capturing selfies or video calls
  • 8MP back camera for shooting HD photos
  • Top-edge speaker produces loud and clear sounds
  • Metallic power and audio locker buttons
  • All around sleek metallic rim which gives durability to this smartphone
  • Charging port at the bottom edge and headphone port at the top edge
  • Plastic, water-resistant, and scratch-free back lid with camera port and Moto Dimple
  • Rechargeable and removable battery
  • Dual-sim smartphone with an SD card slot
  • No, hang up issue on playing games or using heavy applications
  • Ideal phone for users of low budget


Although the design of Moto G Play 4th generation is simple but every component of this smartphone is durable. The metallic rim is slightly raised from all sides which protects the screen from scratches. Placement of all parts is also perfect. The whole front side is simple and without any button. The Volume and power controlling buttons are on the right side of the rim and the left side is plain. If we take the weight of Moto G Play (4th gen.) that is only 4.8 ounces. With affordable price and ideal weight you should buy Moto G Play (4th gen.) instantly.



Capture moments with 8MP back camera of Moto G Play 4th gen. Camera sensor and aperture of f/2.2 makes pictures’ pixels better than average. Side by side having a front camera, Moto G Play (4th gen.) also has a 5MP front camera. So, share a lot of your selfies on Facebook or any other social site by capturing via back cam. For storing your pictures or other files Moto G Play (4th gen.) the internal memory of this smartphone is 16GB. For massive storage, you can enhance the storage capacity of Moto G Play (4th gen.) up to 128GB with an external microSD card.


Moto G Play 4th generation is a water resistant not a waterproof. It means in light rain or splashes this smartphone never get damaged. There is a Nano-coating on the cover of Moto G Play. This coating protects your smartphone against accidental spills. In my opinion, Moto G Play (4th gen) should be waterproof rather than water-resistant.

4G Speed

There are two slots for two sim cards. Moreover, these slots support 4G speed. But you can never use 4G on both sim cards at the same time. With 4G speed, you can enjoy streaming videos, music, movies, and games without any buffering. For example, if you are a student, you can prepare your notes online because web page load instantly.

Dual Sim

With two sim cards, Moto G Play (4th gen.) is perfect for those who want to use two networks at the same time. Moreover, you can enjoy all packages of both networks on a single smartphone without any hassle.


A powerful battery of 2800 mAh supports all functions of Moto G Play 4th gen. for maximum time. The battery time of this smartphone varies according to your use and signal strength. Moreover, store data, configuration, smartphone setting, and call duration directly affect the life of the battery. As Moto G Play (4th gen.) has a powerful battery so no need to worry about the run out of battery.


With Moto G Play (4th gen.) you can enjoy preinstalled Gmail, Google Apps, Play Store, 6.0 Marshmallow and much more.


Moto G Play (4th gen.) is a budget-friendly smartphone. With elegant features like HD camera, signature sound, maximum storage capacity, smooth browsing and low price you should buy this smartphone for regular use.

Moto G Play 4th Gen Specifications

  • 2GB RAM
  • 5-inch HD display
  • Processor: 1.2 GHz
  • 4G speed
  • 6.0 Marshmallow
  • Front cam: 8MP
  • Back cam: 5MP
  • Internal storage: 16GB
  • External storage source: 128GB
  • MicroSD card slot: Yes
  • Battery power: 2800mAh
  • Amazon apps: pre-installed
  • Hands-free: included (low quality)
  • Available Colours: Black, White

moto g 4 play side - a tech review


• Least expensive
• Maximum storage capacity
• Supports 4G
• Vivid display
• Loud sound speaker
• Lightweight smartphone


• Water-resistant not waterproof
• Cheap back camera
• No navigational button on front side


As the cons of Moto G Play 4th generation are less than pros. I personally find this smartphone very good. Because is the improved form of older versions. Therefore, you should also get more benefits from budget Moto G Play (4th gen).