After introducing Echo Dot speaker, amazon has launched a latest version that is Amazon Echo Dot 2nd generation. No doubt, new Echo Dot 2nd generation is the improved form of the old version. Featuring HD speakers, 7 latest microphones, Wi-Fi, Alexa App, 1.3” height, small size, and 163 grams weight this premium speaker is the best in use.


With 3.3” front and 1.3” height new Echo Dot is constructed with quality material. For easy control four (4) round buttons are on the front side of this magical device.

  • A button with plus (+) sing is for increasing volume and with
  • minus (-) sing is for decreasing volume.
  • There is another button with muted microphone sign that is for keeping the microphone OFF.
  • The dot marked button is an action button which enables this mini new Echo Dot to work according to your desire.

A light ring at the edge of the front side blinks when Echo Dot 2nd generation starts working. Moreover, the speakers are fixed in such a way that sound spreads at 360 degree. An array of 7 microphones helps to reduse noise around and helps a better voice recognization.At the back side of new Echo Dot, there are two ports. One is for USB charging and other is for injecting 3.5mm audio cable. So, enjoy the unbeatable sound with Echo Dot 2nd generation. It is really an amazing amazon product.

Amazon Echo Dot Features

  • ENJOY BOOMING SOUND with Echo Dot 2nd generation. Because HD speaker customizes sounds for more relishing feelings.
  • 3600 SOUND INPUT catches distortion-free sound from all directions by connecting you with your beloveds. Moreover, ask the question to new Dot for more appropriate answers.
  • ALEXA APP being the honest companion keeps you updated about news and weather. This app is for creating and managing lists, answer questions, and playing the most favorite track for you.
  • CONNECT Wi-Fi for fast, easy, ensured connection with Alexa App. The intuitive interface of Alexa App enables you to listen to all radio stations.
  • SET ALARM for work because a quality speaker in new Dot keeps you punctual while you are inside the home or office.
  • VOICE-CONTROL, small size, the hands-free magical gadget is ideal for controlling sprinklers, garage doors, thermostats, all switches, fans and lights.
  • BLOCKS NOISE with active noise reducing technology and 7 acoustic microphones enable you to hear detailed sounds coming across your bedroom, TV lounge and kitchen.
  • WIRE/WIRELESS CONNECTION give you choice to enjoy the features of New Echo Dot either by connecting it via a 3.5mm cable or pairing it wirelessly with home Wi-Fi.
  • ADD UBER, DOMINO’S, BUSINESS APP, and much more to Echo Dot 2nd generation and get latest business news and travel updates. Moreover, you can order a delicious pizza too.
  • Perfectly Compatible with ecobee, Nest, Samsung devices, Philips Hue, WeMo, TuneIn, iHeartRadio, Pandora, Spotify, and Amazon music.

Easy to lift and store, new Dot entertains you with multiple features at an affordable price. Available in two colors Black and White the price of Echo Dot 2nd generation is remarkably half than the previous version of Echo Dot.

What Echo Dot 2nd Generation Can Do?

By responding instantly, new Echo Dot listen to your voice even in a noisy environment. For assigning tasks to this gadget first, awake the Echo Dot 2nd generation by saying the word “Alexa”. Once the light ring blinks, the new Echo Dot start obeying you. So, you can assign a lot of tasks for example:

  • Alexa, play my favorite music.
  • Alexa, tell me about the outside weather.
  • Alexa, set a 3am alarm for study.
  • Alexa, add special event date to calendar
  • Alexa, order a pizza for me from domino’s
  • Alexa, tell me about my travel plan

These are the frequently asked questions to Echo Dot 2nd generation. You can ask other questions according to your desire. The Brain of new Echo Dot will surely work parallel to your brain.

Alexa App

amazon echo alexa appConnect new Echo Dot with your iOS or Android device with the help of Alexa App and enjoy free services like book reading, know latest trends in fashion, set alarms with different tones. This mini gadget would be your best companion because it works according to your words.


  • BLUETOOTH CONNECTIVITY: with instant Bluetooth connectivity you can enjoy A2DP (advanced audio distribution profile) and AVRCP (audio/video remote control profile) in Echo Dot 2nd generation.
  • Wi-Fi of Echo Dot 2nd generation supports 802.11 a/b/g/n networks
  • Height: 1.3 inch
  • Width: 3.3 inch
  • Length: 3.3 inch
  • 3.5mm cable supports external devices (not included in package)
  • Hi-fi speakers instantly response to your words
  • Power adapter: 9 Watt (included)
  • USB cable
  • Weight: 163 grams (5.7 oz.)
  • Instruction book
  • Available colours: Black, White (can be customized with wide range of colourful leather for matching to your home décor)


  • Performs your instructed duties
  • Sharply recognize your voice
  • Fast Bluetooth connectivity
  • Half rate than the previous version
  • Ideal in size/weight


  • 3.5mm audio cable is not included in the package
  • Not support for multi-zone
  • In extremely noisy area Echo Dot 2nd generation doesn’t work well


Echo Dot 2nd generation is perfect for individuals of all ages or gender. Plus, you can use this speaker anywhere you want. If you have already checked the working ability of Echo Dot 2nd generation and experienced something new. You can share it with me.