Intel UHD 620 Graphics Card

The Intel UHD 620, an integrated graphics processor, has mainly been utilized in the popular 8th Generation Intel CoreKaby Lake” laptop processor family. Presently, the most widely used CPU with the Intel UHD 620 is the mid-range 8th Gen Core i5-8250U.

As of November 29th, Intel notified Windows 10 end users that it would be supplying Modern Windows Drivers for its chips from November 2018. These recently developed Modern Windows Drivers also referred to as Universal Windows Drivers or UWD, are intended for Windows 10’s Universal Windows Platform or UWP.

Microsoft is mandating UWDs for the Windows 10 October 2018 Update, version 1809, and for every version after that. The modification is also implemented with Windows Server 2019 and beyond.

End users will have the ability to revert to a legacy driver; however, Intel advises against this as it could create system vulnerabilities, which is extremely important when it comes to graphics drivers.

Intel stated it has been communicating with Microsoft to guarantee a smooth changeover, and reports there should not be any effect to end users’ experience.

Although end users probably will not see any alterations in their experience of Intel graphics, there are a few obvious modifications to how the modern drivers are implemented. Such as, it could be dangerous to use ‘INF/Have disk installation‘ to implement the UWDs.

Intel explains that during the changeover to UWDs, you may only use the (.exe) issued by Intel or your computer producer. If you use ‘Have-Disk installation,’ it bypasses the necessary Intel installer and could result in slight or disastrous problems to your system.

Intel graphics controllers that will get an update to Modern Windows Drivers includes the Intel UHD Graphics 620/630.

How are the Intel UHD Graphics 620 when it comes to gaming?

Contrasting processor models including the 8th Gen Intel Core i3-8100U, i5-8200U, and i7-8500U, varied thermal models of notebooks, BIOS settings, and other elements can affect the performance of the Intel UHD 620 and other integrated graphics processors. It usually does affect it as much as dual- or single-channel RAM element.

With the requirements of the 8th Gen Intel i5-8200U with UHD 620 graphics being very much alike to the provisions of the prior generation i5-6200U / HD 520, the most recent CPU / GPU chip does not bring any meaningful performance improvement over its forerunner. With everything considered, the 620 is a low-end graphics product. It does, nonetheless, have the ability to render several of the most favored game titles pretty well.

1League of Legends

You can max out all graphics settings on Full HD 1920×1080 resolution and still get perfect gameplay rendering with frame rates of about 75 fps, including busy scenes. Because of this, the Intel UHD 620 is an ideal answer for LoL.


Dota 2 is much like League of Legends; however, it is a more hardware-taxing MMORPG game title. You will get perfect frame rates if you use a low resolution such as 1280×720 pixels and low (“Fastest”) settings – mainly between 60 and 80 fps.

Alternatively, you can raise detail settings a level and still have a playable DOTA 2. With those settings, fps values are about 25 – 35. On the bright side, raising the resolution to Full HD 1920×1080 while keeping all other factors the same, only faintly reduces smoothness.


The Intel UHD 620 seems to be an easy decision GPU option for Minecraft. Frame rates were over 100 fps frequently on high (“Fancy”) video settings with default render distance of 12 chunks.

4Counter Strike

Global Offensive ranks as one of the most favored first-person shooter games. It is not computing intensive by current AAA game benchmarks. The Intel UHD 620 graphics can calculate it simply on 1280×720 pixels and medium or high settings, with about 65 and 55 fps respectively during the majority of scenes. Or, you can put it on 1920×1080 pixels and medium settings for around 45 fps mostly.

5Call of Duty

Advanced Warfare first-person shooter is more hardware-demanding than any other game mentioned. It is playable on the Intel UHD 620. If you put COD on very low detail settings and 720p resolution, you’ll get 30 – 60 fps, varying on the scene.

6Grand Theft Auto

GTA 5 is a giant undertaking for the Intel UHD 620. Setting the resolution to 720p, DirectX setting on DX11, and the rest of graphics settings on minimum, frame rates in the built-in GTA 5 standard are between 20 and 25 fps with random drops below 20 fps. Ultimately, it is a pretty rough gaming experience. Choosing DirectX 10 instead of 11 only lowers graphics quality without enhancing rendering smoothness.


FIFA 2017 on the Intel UHD 620 is not the best either, however, the game is playable on minimal settings and 1280×720. During active scenes of football play, which are the central portions of the game, frame rates are around 30 fps. In stages like goal celebrations and replays, frame rates randomly drop to only ten fps.

8Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

This still beloved game runs perfectly on 1280×720 / minimal settings, with fps of around 60. Raising settings a level dramatically reduces smoothness, dropping around 35 fps. On 1920×1080 pixels and minimum settings, fps values mostly gravitate toward 40-45.

9Battlefield 1

This gameplay will not be good on the Integrated GPUs. To get around 25-30 FPS, you’ll have to lower the resolution to 1280×720 and video/graphics quality to the lowest. GeForce MX150 can run the same efficiently at more than 60 frames per second.

10Rise of the Tomb Raider

This is another game where these Integrated GPUs will have problems. Even the 940MX could handle only 30 FPS at minimal Graphics Settings. The game is playable with 940MX, however, is not playable with HD 620 and UHD 620. To play this game of UHD 620, you will have to lower the screen resolution even more.

Unfortunately, most of the high-end games like The Witcher 3, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Batman: Arkham Knight, etc. will be unplayable at 1366×768. To play these games, you will have to lower the resolution even more. Naturally, this causes the gaming experience not to be as good.

Recent Popular Laptops using Intel UHD 620

Some of these Notebooks may or may not include a committed Graphics Processor, but they do have the 8th Generation Intel Processor with the UHD 620 Integrated Graphics.